An ever curious and enthusiastic
multidisciplinary graphic designer.


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The Felt Store

Salad A Go-Go

Urban Minerals

Outdoor Studio

She Shreds Video

She Shreds

Crust 2 Crumb

Globe and Mail Style

Filzfabrik Wurzen piano felt hammerhead video production by Sarah Paul

Filzfabrik Wurzen

The Felt Store – Interior Design

Van der Pop

The Felt Store product and exhibit design by Sarah Paul.

The Felt Store – Exhibit & Product Design

Multifeutre branding and visual identity design by Sarah Paul



Hey! My name is Sarah Paul. Nice to meet you! I am a Trinidadian graphic designer based in Toronto with an ever curious mind and enthusiasm for branding and editorial design. After graduating from design school, I jumped head first into the wonderful world of felt. But in 2015, I had the opportunity to try freelancing with the Brand Felt of Canada. This led to working with awesome teams like The Globe and Mail, Rally Rally and Van der Pop whilst exploring the great outdoors through Red Tent Media and Outdoor Studio.


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